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3M Speedglas 401385 9002NC Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet


Speedglas, Welding Equipment in a Class of its Own

Speedglas released the first auto-darkening welding helmet ever and continues to set the benchmark in professional welding helmet technology.

Welding PPE Made in Sweden
All Speedglas welding masks are made in Sweden with every lens still checked by hand.

A Legend Reborn
For more than 20 years, hundreds of thousands of welders relied on the Speedglas 9000 welding helmet series. So we’ve brought the legend back! Your favourite upgraded.
The Classic 9000 Slim-Profile
The award winning Speedglas 9000 welding helmet changed the game in helmet design by introducing the perfect combination of helmet shape, size, and weight still preferred by welders today.
Speedglas True-View Auto Darkening Welding Lens
Upgraded with an improved optical experience that appears lighter, brighter, and more realistic allowing you better control over your welds.
Large Viewing Area
Features a 55mm x 107mm auto-darkening viewing area with an extra light shade of 3.
Highest Optical Rating
Speedglas welding helmet series 9002NC gives the welder the highest possible optical classification (1/1/1) and is compliant with AS/NZS1338.1.
Super Light Weight & Comfortable Welding Helmet
At just 485 grams and featuring an upgraded head harness with ratchet tightening mechanism the Speedglas 9002NC Welding Helmet is super comfortable for all day wear.
Suitable for multiple welding applications
With shades 3, 8-12 suitable for MMAW, MIG/MAG, TIG and low amp TIG welding.
Unrivalled Arc Detection and Switching
Welding lens photo-sensors capable of detecting an arc down to an industry-leading 1 amp.
Aerodynamic Exhaust Vents
Welding hood vents remove exhaled air, keeping you cooler and your welding lens fog-free.
The Signature Speedglas Silver Front
The silver front on a Speedglas auto-darkening welding helmet is not just a design feature, it also reflects heat from the weld keeping you cool and comfortable.
High Impact & Compliant with all relevant AS/NZ Standards.
Compliant with Australian & New Zealand Standard AS/NZS1337.1 (high impact face protection) & AS/NZS1338.1 (eye protection).
Magnification Lens
The 9002NC welding lens allows for simple placement of a magnification lens for welding.

Speedglas Welding PPE is a long term investment
All Speedglas 9002NC lenses have custom designed multi-function programmed logic chips that minimise the number of discrete surface-mounted components; leading to improved reliability and longevity.

Industry Leading Warranty Protection:
Speedglas 9002NC features a revolving three year warranty. Experience a problem with the helmet in the first three years and your 3 year warranty protection starts again. Speedglas helmets are built to last.


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