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Cigweld Satincraft 13 2.5mm 5kg Welding Electrode


Cigweld Satincraft 13 2.5mm 5kg Welding Electrode

Satincraft 13 is Australia’s most popular GP electrode. It’s an all positional (except vertical down) and produces smooth professional mitre fillet welds with very low spatter levels, positive re-strike (hot or cold) and self-releasing slag.

Packaging Data 

611182 – 2.5mm – 5kg Pack

Features & Benefits 

  • General Purpose, Rutile Type Electrode
  • Outstanding Operator Appeal
  • Versatile – All Positional Capabilities
  • Smooth Mitre Fillet Welds with Low Spatter
  • BLUE flux colour for instant ID


ISO AS/NZS: 4855 B E4313 A
AWS/ASME-SFA A5.1: E6013

General workshop, field and structural welding of mild or galvanized steel components such as pipes, tanks, frames, fences and gates etc. Satincraft 13 is particularly recommended for the lap and fillet welding of thin walled galvanized and mild steels where the low spatter levels and excellent edge
wetting produce superior results.

Welding Positions
All Positional- except vertical down

Typical All Weld Metal Analysis
Using Argon + 18-25% CO2 Shielding Gas:
C: 0.07%
Mn: 0.60%
Si: 0.50%

Typical All Weld Metal Mechanical Properties
Using Argon + 18-25% CO2:
Yield Stress: 460MPa
Tensile Strength: 520 MPa
Elongation: 28%
CVN Impact Values: 60J av @ 0°C

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