Cigweld Transmig 255i CIGW1005255


The CIGWELD TRANSMIG 255i is a self contained single phase multi process welding inverter with digital voltage and amperage meters, that is capable of performing MIG (GMAW/FCAW), Stick (MMAW) and Lift TIG (GTAW) welding processes. It is ideal for welding plate thicknesses between 0.8mm and 12mm with
a range of wires from 0.6mm-1.2mm (solid), and has the added benefit of running the Tweco SGT 250 Spool Gun for the convenience of your precision aluminium work.

Package Contains:

  • Transmig 255i Inverter Power Source 27kg
  • Tweco Professional Fusion 250 MIG Torch 3m
  • COMET Professional Argon Regulator / Flowmeter*
  • Feedrolls: 0.9/1.2mm “V” groove (fitted), 0.6/0.8mm “V” groove, 0.9/1.0mm (U) groove, 0.8/0.9mm “V” knurled
  • Contact Tips: 0.9mm (fitted), 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm
  • Twistlock Electrode Holder with 4m Lead
  • Work Clamp with 4m Lead
  • Shielding Gas Hose Assembly
  • Operating Manual


  • Input Supply- 240 Volt, 50/60Hz, 15 Amp Supply Lead Fitted to Power Source.
  • Current Range –Current range for this Power Source is 10 to 255A (MIG Mode) of DC Welding Output
  • MIG (GMAW / FCAW): 255A@20%* (255A@40% – Upgraded Plug & Lead**)
    0.6-1.2mm: Solid, 0.8-1.2mm: Gasless
    0.9-1.2mm: Aluminium, 0.8-1.2mm: S/Steel
  • STICK (MMAW) 230A@20%* (230A@40% – Upgraded Plug & Lead**)
    Power Source suitable for 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.2mm & 4.0mm electrodes.
  • TIG (GTAW): 255A@20%* (255A@40% – Upgraded Plug & Lead**)
    Lift TIG provides smooth arc start & characteristics. Optional remote current control.
  • Anti-Stick
    Helps to prevent the stick electrode from sticking to the work piece.


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