Servore 5000X Auto Lift Welding Helmet - Black Spider ACHSALBLKSD


Unique Auto Lift Design with the new X-view cartridge for a clearer, crisper view of the weld.

With the new Auto-Lift welding helmet you can weld, chip and grind with one helmet, making welding safer and easier than ever before. The 5000XAL delivers all you expect from a modern, quality, welding helmet only better.

Better protection, with a clear, impact resistant inner protection lens for chipping and grinding and dual layer protection when welding. Better performance at low amps and a faster switching speed. Better clarity, with a sharper and more balanced view of the weld through the new ‘crisp and clear’ X view filter cartridge. The new Auto Lift from Servore brings it all together in a package that makes better welding and better protection a simple choice.  See the Auto Lift today, it’s no ordinary welding helmet, it’s a better solution from Servore.

An ‘Easy View’ version of the Auto Lift that uses standard passive filters instead of an electronic auto darkening cartridge is also available. The Easy View version of the Auto Lift can be upgraded with a Servore auto darkening electronic cartridge and external controls at any time and represents excellent value for money. All Servore helmets can be fitted with special adaptors to enable them to be used with a hard hat (safety hat).

New X-View technology means a crisper, clearer view of the weld making welding more comfortable than ever before. The ultra fast switching speed(one twenty five thousandths of a second) and Servore’s proprietary Inner Sense sensor technology means improved reliability even with very low amp TIG welding. Better performance. Better protection. Better welding.

The ultimate in ease-of-use and functionality. The Easy Touch system locks the front section of the helmet securely in place but releases the auto lift mechanism at the touch of a button. Once released, the complete front section automatically glides smoothly up to provide a panoramic view of the workplace. The inner, impact resistant protection lens allows you to chip and grind without additional protection and gives you a clear view of your work and the workplace around you without removing your helmet. Now you really can weld chip and grind safely in one comfortable, easier-to-use helmet. An adaptor for use with most hard hats is available for all Servore welding helmets.

The Auto Lift is ideal for working in demanding or low light conditions without the need to carry additional protective goggles or masks and can be fitted with either a passive filter(as the Easy View) or Servore’s X series fully automatic shades 9 to 13 auto darkening filter cartridge(Standard Auto Lift).


The 5000X Auto Lift is easy to maintain and built to last. The Auto Lift features Servore’s Rapid Connect cable control system making cleaning and general maintenance quick and easy. Simply disconnect the cable block from the cartridge for cleaning or maintenance and snap it back into place when replacing the cartridge. Ease of use and ease of maintenance.  At Servore we think like you and design it in.


Dual sensors and Servore’s Inner Sense sensor technology means reliable switching even at ultra low amps and when working with low signal processes like TIG. Dual band filtering allows the ‘tuning out’ of interference from light and other welders’ arcs. Now with reliable sensitivity, delay and shade adjustment you are in complete control making welding easier and more comfortable.

Sensitivity control
Allows you to ‘tune out’ interference from other welders or lighting in the workplace.
Delay control
Fully programmed delay control delays the screen from clearing from dark to the light state. Ideal when tack welding or working on processes that hold high residual heat and light in the weld. 
Shade control
Continuous adjustment from shades 9 to 13 for complete shade management.


With the new Servore Auto Lift welding, chipping and grinding becomes easier, more comfortable and safer. The complete front section lifts automatically at the touch of a button revealing an inner protection lens that offers a wide 180 degree panoramic view of the workplace. With all the performance and features you could want the Auto Lift brings a new level of versatility, safety and comfort to welding. 

  • Weld, chip and grind in one helmet.  Never ‘forget’ required eye protection again.
  • Wide field of view makes working safer and more comfortable by reducing the risk of falls and other accidents. Just one touch and you can see around you making work safer and more comfortable.
  • Easily changed inner protection lens is impact and scratch resistant. Replacements are inexpensive and easily available.
  • Easy TouchSM control mechanism holds front section securely in place but is operated easily even with a gloved hand. 

    Passive filter can be fitted (Easy View model).


Innovative Z-Slide cartridge designed for ease of maintenance and upgrades. 
Servore’s new Z-Slide cartridge can be separated into two modules(dealer level service). The upper module contains the electronic controls or ‘brains’ while the lower module houses the filter unit. In the event of one part being damaged, broken or failing each part can be replaced independently saving time, money and allowing for ease of upgrading. At Servore we look at the total cost of ownership(TCO) and design our products with value built in.


X-View Filter 
The X-View filter cartridge employs special LCD’s and filters to give you a crisp, clean view of your work from almost any angle while special electronic controls deliver a blazingly fast reaction time of only 1/25,000ths of a second. With full time protection against harmful levels of UV and IR light and Servore’s reputation for quality and reliability you can work more confidently and produce better welds with better protection.


 Switching time(light to dark) 1/25,000sec(0.04msec)
 Shade Level Inactivated  Shade #4
Activated  Shade #9 ~ #13
 Sensitivity adjustment Dual sensors plus pre-shading
 Switching delay(dark to light) Adjustable 0.05s – 0.8s
 Tig rating RF(H) >1Amp / RF(L) >10Amp
 Power supply 3V Lithium(CR2032) 2EA
 Battery Life 3000 hours(Approximately)
 Supplementary power Solar Cells(Auto On/Off)
 Battery replacement Replaceable(Low battery indicator)
 Cartridge size 110 x 90mm(4.3 x 3.5 in)
 Filter window 97 x 46mm(3.8 x 1.8 in)
 Total weight Autolift : 610g(21.5 oz)
 Operating temperature -5℃ ~ +55℃
 Storage temperature -20℃ ~ +70℃


$355.76 per item

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