Servore ARC-513 Welding Goggles ACHSBSIL


ARC-513 is the world¡¯s first auto shade goggle safety glasses ergonomically designed in compact size along the face contour. Using ergonomical plastic frame with shock withstand & heat-resistance nature, ARC-513 ensures close fit with enhanced air permeability through silicon skirt and air vent system for air circulation. Additionally, filter lens spatter and hard coating lens for protection against shock maximizes user convenience.

This multi-purpose & multi-function product with expanded use from safety protection & shade effect combined with ARC welding function can be used from every work environment that requires eye protection from strong light from #5 to #13. This light and easy to wear & carry product is effective in prevention any safety accidents during high or small place work, and it can be separately used with safety protection devices (helmet, dust protection mask). It can also be used as a auto shade welding helmet by combining it with separately sold components (mask, hood).

Prescribed lens frame included has been designed to easily apply for welders with poor vision or welders that perform precision welding (apply to the upper groove of silicon skirt) Consult with your optician to make prescribed lens for your purpose.


ARC Light Detection Photo Sensor

Provides superior shading effect through its robust four independent photo sensors even in unique and precision welding environment such as below 5 amp low current TIG welding

X-View Auto Shade Welding Filter

Auto shade welding filter composed of X-View LCD with improved glare resistance, special filter lens and viewing angle that completely cut off harmful rays (UV, IR) that occur from welding ARC safely protects the eyes of welders at the world¡¯s top shading speed of 1/15.000 sec

Power/Grind Function Button

Goggle products do not come with auto power on function. This button is to turn on the power. There is auto off function but power will be turned off when the power button is pressed once again. The product has been designed to be used for grinding purpose with #3 shade of darkness for goggle when auto shade function does not work when power is off.

Hold Button

This function is for switching auto shade mode (#5, #7) to black mode (fixed). It is recommended for oxygen welding and cutting work using #5, #7 shade.

Shade Control Button

Shade level can be adjusted in 7 levels from #8 to #14 according to welding type and current (welding ARC)

Sensitivity Control Button

Ensures top welding performance by optimizing sensor sensitivity through four sensors installed according to various types of welding environment and it makes welding easy by preventing light interference from surrounding welding work or lights

Low Battery Warning

For even better protection and reliability a low battery warning light signals when batteries need to be replaced. For your convenience we use easily replaceable standard batteries.


shade Level Inactivated-Light shade #3
Dark shade #5,7,9 and 13
Fixed Shade Mode Can be set to shade #5 and #7
Eye Protection Full time UV/IR protection to shade 14
Switching Time(Light to dark) 1/15,000sec
Sensors 2
Sensitivity Adjustment 5 Step adjustment Lo-Hi
Power Supply 3v lithium(CR 2032) 2EA (user replaceable)
Battery Life 1000hours(Approximately)
Replaceable Lowbattery indicator
Fillter Window 44 x 26 (L,R)
Total Weight 140g
Operating Temperature -5¡É to +55¡É
Storage Temperature -20¡É to +70¡É


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