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Lincoln Electric – PythonX


More Than A Machine

PythonX STRUCTURAL has created a NEW STANDARD in the way you think about running a fabrication shop.

Compared to traditional machines, PythonX STRUCTURAL:

  • Uses a fraction of floorspace
  • Needs only minutes of  processing time
  • Requires Only One Operator & No Programming
  • Offers complete fabricating capability for a fraction of the price
PythonX Breakdown

1. Measuring Cart


The measuring cart relays the exact position of the work piece to the robot.

  • More accurate than pinch rolls, which can slip
  • Measures and displays full length of the beam – not possible on pinch roll systems

2. Infeed/Outfeed Conveyors


Precision machined rollers with no flat spots for ultimate accuracy.

  • 4 in. (101.6mm) diameter on heavy duty frames
  • Built to last with oversized 7.5 hp motors – most others use 2.0 hp

3. Cross Transfers

Accumulate and transfer material for Infeed and Outfeed conveyors (optional feature).

  • Reduces material handling, increases output
  • Heavy duty motor and gear reducer controlled by variable frequency drive

4. High Definition Torch


High Definition Plasma technology aligns and focuses the plasma arc, improving arc stability and energy for more precise cutting.

  • Completely automatic gas and kerf control
  • PATENTED hole taper compensation and advanced bevel tuning

5. Multi-Axis Robotic Arm

Tuned twice for absolute best-in-class accuracy and least cut-path following error.

  • Complete with collision detection
  • Stronger, with a higher payload to minimize vibration and sway

6. NEW! Operator Control System

HMI copy

New features and capabilities let you get more done, more quickly and easily.

  • 24in (61 cm) HMI with intuitive touch screen
  • Ergonomic handles allow easy movement into the optimum position for any operator

Heavy, strong and designed to be extremely rigid. The uni-body welded frame provides the most stable, vibration free foundation for the cutting system.

A fixed base welded to the box frame lets PythonX STRUCTURAL use only the robot motion to perform cutting – no additional axes of motion to add vibration, backlash or sway that degrade cut quality.

The underside cuts are performed in a separate zone where no scrap pieces fall and no crash can occur.

All sever operations occur in this zone, with ample room for endcuts and scrap to accumulate without having to worry about crashes

4-Side Tube Cutting

4sided copy

PythonX STRUCTURAL adds a fixed robotic arm to cut the tube underside and process all 4 sides in one pass. The only robotic plasma to perform 4-side cutting and beveling without mounting the robot on a moving or rotational base, which sacrifices cut quality.

Part Tabbing

parttab copy

Part tabbing allows for shorter structural steel parts to remain attached to the main beam for easier handling and storage. With PythonX STRUCTURAL, the type of tab and tab length is programmable by the operator.

Shorter Piece Transfer


For added flexibility, PythonX STRUCTURAL has advanced software combined with closer conveyor roller spacing to allow for short parts to be transferred from the cutting area after a cut to length operation. No need to open or reach into the cutting cabinet.

Large Work Envelope


The expanded robot cutting area allows for more features to be cut at once. That reduces material indexing, leading to even lower total processing time per piece.

Part Tabbing

Hole Taper Feat

Only PythonX STRUCTURAL employs a patented process that tilts the torch, instantaneously changes speeds and uses sophisticated software algorithms to produce straight through holes that are NEARLY TAPERLESS.

Taper 24

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