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Honeybee CNC Laser Cutters

Precision Laser Cutting Equipment

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Honeybee CNC is one of the leading manufacturers in precision cutting equipment and automation, specialising in various plasma cutting machines, flame cutting machines, laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, industrial robots, etc. Honeybee CNC machines are widely used in shipbuilding, mining machinery, construction machinery, petrochemical equipment, power generation equipment, construction machinery, pressure vessels, pipeline engineering and other equipment material cutting.

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Multiple configurations are available for many machines. Please contact us to discuss the best solution for your automation requirements. 

Demonstrations are available in our Welshpool Showroom
FL3015D 1
Honeybee HN-FL3015D Fiber Laser

Laser Source: MAX, Raycus, IPG, 3000W

Cutting Thickness: 25mm Mild Steel, 10mm Stainless Steel, 8mm Aluminium, 8mm Brass

Model HN-FL3015D
Effective Working Size 1525mm x 3050mm
Power Consumption 32KW
Dimensions 8950mm x 3100mm x 2310mm
Honeybee HN-FL3015E Fiber Laser

Laser Source: MAX, Raycus, IPG, 3000W

Cutting Thickness: 20mm Mild Steel, 10mm Stainless Steel, 6mm Aluminium, 6mm Brass

FL3015E 1
Model HN-FL3015E
Effective Working Size 1525mm x 3050mm
Power Consumption 23KW
Dimensions 4614mm x 2250mm x 2200mm
FL12050P 1
Honeybee HN-FL12050P Fiber Laser

Laser Source: 12000W Raycus

Max Cutting Thickness: MS  ≤25mm   SS ≤25mm

Dimensions (Width*Length*Height): 5500mm * 27000mm * 2310mm (During work)

Model HN-FL12050P
Max Loading Weight for Single Steel Pipe 1600kg
Power Consumption 70KW
Positiong Accuracy ±0.1mm
Honeybee HN-FLM30 Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The Fiber Laser Marking Machine is the most advanced marking machine in the world. It replaces the traditional outdated technology, such as screen printing, corroding, die stamping, etc.

HN FLM30 Engraver
Model HN-FLM30
Working Area 300mm x 300mm
Laser Power Raycus 50W
Rotary Compatible Yes, ø 80mm
Laser Welder 1
Honeybee Laser Welder

Laser welders utilize a high-powered laser to deliver precision welding that is unmatched in accuracy. With its fine-tuned laser beam, it can weld even the most delicate and intricate components with minimal heat-affected zones.

Model HN-LW
Laser Power 3KW
Welding Wire Diameters: 0.8mm - 1.6mm
Multi-function: Yes, Welding, Cleaning, Cutting

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