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The future is here.

In conjunction with Auto Control Systems, we have been working tirelessly to develop an automated welding solution that would minimize cost and material wastage at an affordable and competitive price.

EzyWeld is a fast learner of robotic welding – putting programming back in the hands of the user.

Now every fabricator, construction or engineering company, metal manufacturing supplier – in fact, anyone that does welding can take advantage of the safety, efficiency, cost savings and accuracy of robotic welding.

In just a couple of minutes, you can enter the start point, stop point, weld pattern, post gas and delay, and the length and speed of the weld.

Using the universal robot arm to control almost any welder, Gentronics is able to provide a Top Gun solution as well as a wide range of brands and welding accessories to suit your individual needs.

To dial in even the most complex of tasks, just create the first weld, then add more welds to activate more complex patterns. EzyWeld makes it simple.

For everything from small-batch jobs to those repetitive tasks that tie up staff members, EzyWeld with the universal robotics arm puts more welding power in your hands ensuring economical, reliably, and safe results.

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