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Cigweld CutSkill Firestick II – LPG Burner


The CutSkill Firestick II has been primarily designed for the pre heating or post heating of steel plate or castings using LP Gas. The flow of gas is controlled by an adjusting valve that allows the burner to produce up to 300,000 BTUs of heat output. The CutSkill Firestick II has a multitude of uses and is ideal for weed killing, removing paint, melting ice, removing road markings, preheating asphalt and tar.

Tacking Bar

Air/LP Gas operation

Adjusting valve 300,000 BTUs

Straight or 90 degree elbow

12 month warranty


Extension Barrel
307123, 307124, 307125

Gas Consumption (Fuel)
41-55 l/min

Gas Consumption (Oxy)
45-58 l/min

Heat Output
180 MJ/HR


Model Number

Operating Pressure (Fuel)
100 kPa

Operating Pressure (Oxy)
150 kPa

Tip Size

$244.002per item

in stock

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