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Hammerhead 3.2mm Underwater Wet Welding Electrodes 5kg WWHH32


The Hammerhead welding electrode is a specially designed and formulated ‘wet spot’ electrode for spot/plug welding of steels, which can be used both above and underwater. This permits a real alternative to conventional wet welding, which requires high levels of skill to produce high quality welds. Using the Hammerhead process quality welds can be produced without the need for any conventional  welding skills, as all that is required to produce a weld is for the diver to press the electrode onto the surface of the material, where it will then pierce through the plates to be joined forming a spot/plug weld.

Suitable for any structures where a complete sealing weld is not necessary. Ideal for securing anodes, anchor plates, doubler plates, patches etc. Can also be used in place of bolts or securing lifting lugs. Saves time on surface preparation and cleaning, as no joins are required and can even be used in poor visibility conditions, as no arc control is required; in terms of arc length, angles and travel speed, etc.


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